The Chicken Connoisseur went on an awkward Valentine's date

What's Fresh 15/02/2017

The Chicken Connoisseur joined Amelia Dimoldenberg from the YouTube channel 'Chicken Shop Dates' for a romantic Valentine's meal of wings, burgers and nuggets.

The 'Chicken Shop Dates' channel follows Amelia chilling out with stars, sharing their love for fried chicken goods.

The Chicken Connoisseur doesn't seem like the dating type, concerned more about whether his chicken has the right crunch and whether the patty to bun ratio of the burger is perfect.

Amelia sits across from the viral legend without getting much notice, making for a very awkward Valentine's date.

As they wrap up, the Chicken Connoisseur bolts out the door and leaves her to front up the bill. What a sad guy.