Richie McCaw helps out with Christchurch's Port Hills fire

What's Fresh 17/02/2017

Former All Blacks Captain and all around top bloke Richie McCaw has said that seeing the devastation caused by the fire on Christchurch's Port Hills has been a reality check.

"Jeepers, when you see flames burning so close to the city it's scary stuff," he told The AM Show.

McCaw has been flying missions since the fires broke out on Monday, mapping their position and relaying it to those on the ground.

They haven't thrown too much work at the retired athlete as "there's plenty of training needed for that - you've got to be getting up to quite a few hours of experience."

Richie started working at Christchurch Helicopters after he retired in 2015 and says it's a rewarding job.

"I'm hugely passionate about flying. I think the big thing that I've enjoyed especially around the earthquakes, and now this, is you're actually flying to help people."