Jason Derulo calls out an American Airlines for racism

Hip Hop Hollywood 10/02/2017

Derulo reckons he was sworn at by the captain and met with 15 police officers after getting off the flight after being disrespected, causing delays because he was told he couldn't fly with his19 bags.

His entourage were told they would have to pay more than US$4000 (NZ$5572) for extra luggage, but Derulo refused, saying elite customers should not have to pay for any extras.

But American Airlines told Local 10 News that even the most elite customers are able to check just three bags for free.

In the video he said that just because he had a "platform" and the situation was resolved, it was inexcusable.

"If I was the average Joe I might have been in handcuffs.

"That's why it feels like a racial issue," Derulo said.

No arrests were made and the group continued on to Los Angeles, according to police