Girl tweets twisted story of her being #StrandedBae

What's Fresh 21/02/2017

Twitter user @_iamqueenk took to Twitter to tell the tale of her very unfortunate Valentine's Day between her and her bae, @KashMoneyKanee.

At first @_iamqueenk hesitates to spill the full story on what exactly happened - but she eventually leads into telling the horrific tale.

Phew! What a story, right? Well @KashMoneyKanee caught wind of the yarn (obviously because he was tagged in half the tweets) and decided to share his side of the story. He claims that @_iamqueenk found out that she had been kicked out of her house while she was visiting him and she was trying to convince him to let her stay, but he was having a bar of it... This is where this story goes NEXT LEVEL.

If you've read down this far, then bravo to you. A lot of tweeters on Twitter did get super invested in this yarn too and up popped a Twitter account called @HurtMouse dedicated to that little wee mouse that got a bit of hate throughout the conversation. Remember how @_iamqueenk already thought @KashMoneyKanee was bad news because of that mouse he had running around his home.