'Retro' McDonald's playground for sale on Trade Me

What's Fresh 02/02/2017

There's a rare opportunity up for grabs to decorate your yard like a retro McDonald's playground.

A kid's swing set, a roundabout and a climber are for sale on Trade Me, featuring those great figures from simpler days - the Hamburglar, Mayor McCheese and Chief Big Mac.

The retro play equipment can make you the "envy of your neighbourhood", seller madbunch says.

So far the set has racked up more than 1000 views, but no bids as of Wednesday evening.

The reserve price has been set at $3000, but if you're really keen to grab it before anyone else bids, the seller has listed it with a buy now price of $3500.

There's only one catch - like McDonald's, this seller won't deliver, so you have to pick it up from Nelson.