Top Kiwi celebrities people want to sleep with

What's Fresh 31/01/2017

Good Lorde! The global superstar singer is the celebrity most Kiwis would like to bed, according to a worldwide survey. 

Despite being the tender age of 20, Lorde placed first on the list for New Zealand men, while the ladies opted for prominent rugby players including Sonny Bill Williams and Dan Carter.

Thousands of men and women worldwide were asked which celebrity they were most attracted to. 

The survey by SleepCupid, asked 6000 people to live out their fantasies 

New Zealanders were among the group of thousands to partake in the rating process which saw Lorde and Anthony Boric the most popular New Zealand celebrities 'to bed'. 

Many people chose celebrities native to their own country as their favourite choice.

Places where people voted were USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. 

The results of exactly how men and women voted may surprise you:

There was a trend among New Zealand women, with rugby players a clear favourite.

They included Sonny Bill Williams and Dan Carter as hot picks. Kiwi blokes voted for Lorde, Hayley Holt, Anna Paquin, Emma Lahana and Nicky Watson as their top choices.