Pixar reveal every single way their films are linked

Vids 19/01/2017

It's long been known the famous Pizza Planet car from Toy Story has featured in a swathe of other Disney Pixar films - but now the company's proven there are a many more connections between its much-loved movies.

Disney Pixar released a video displaying some of what they refer to as 'Easter Eggs' - small and subtle souvenirs of its previous masterpieces, which create a common thread through its entire film catalogue.

While some of the connections will already have been noticed by die-hard fans of the production company, others are so understated that it's unsure if anyone would've picked up on them.

The video shows that even in wildly different films, there is a link - for instance in Cars, a billboard is seen in the background depicting the family from Brave, while a Bug's Life figurine appears in Toy Story 2.