Mayweather to train Soulja Boy for his Chris Brown fight

Hip Hop Hollywood 06/01/2017

Soulja Boy and Chris Brown's feud has exploded with a new intensity, with boxing champion Floyd Mayweather stepping in to train the 'Crank That' hitmaker.

After apologising and apparently backing out of his beef with the 'Kiss Kiss' hitmaker, Soulja Boy has taken it to a new level by bringing Chris Brown's daughter into the fray, much to Brown's fury.

Soulja Boy took to social media to say he was "chilling" with Brown's ex, Nia Guzman, and two-year-old daughter Royalty.

"Stop saying shit about my f**king daughter, bro. This not no f**king game, my n**ga," Brown responded in a since-deleted video on his Instagram account.

"You're setting up this fight... we're gonna do all that. Stop talking, bro, if it's already set, it's set. Stop talking about my daughter, bro. That shit ain't cool. [Doing so is] gonna take this shit somewhere else."

Soulja Boy also reposted an image Guzman herself published of Royalty, with Mayweather and his company The Money Team tagged in it.

All of this came just a day after Soulja Boy posted an emotional apology for "acting out", saying his mother was ill and he actually wanted to make music with Brown, rather than fight him.

50 Cent appears to be behind the latest developments.

The 'Many Men' rapper, who has openly mocked Soulja Boy in the past, took to social media to gleefully joke about his Chris Brown beef, before becoming serious about how much money he could make off a charity fight between the pair.

"Get Soulja Boy on the phone, tell that n**ga I said 'stop apologising'," 50 Cent says.

"We gotta keep this shit going."

Shortly thereafter, Soulja Boy met up with 50 Cent associate Mayweather and posted a video of the two confirming a boxing match.

"Champ, what are we gonna do?" the rapper asks, with his arm around Mayweather.

"We gon' get that money," the boxer responds.

Soulja Boy also claims to have already received US$1 million in cash for the upcoming boxing fight.