15 times Kiwis didn't give a toss

What's Fresh 20/01/2017

1. This guy wearing jandalboots

2. This KFC loving driver

3. And this street sign in Queenstown that has its priorities right

4. Pokeno's giant ice-creams

5. These guys having a BBQ

6. This sign that is brutally honest

7. The person going for NZer of the year by telling people why she's driving so slow

8. The mayor of Invers taking his scooter down the road

9. The artist who drew our ex-PM out of dicks

10. The lad who saved his Speights in the Christchurch Floods

11. This homemade ute

12. Countdown being funny

13. The person who got their tyre clamped but had a spare in the back anyway

14. The classic Kiwi mailbox

15. And this sign in the Waikato