10 problems that Kiwi's face during summer

What's Fresh 09/01/2017

Summer '16 is over and summer '17 is here and while the weather hasn't been that flash for the first half of 2017, it's predicted to get a lot hotter. And while we love summer with it's long days and warm weather, there comes a few problems along with it.

1. When you park your car in the sun and the steering wheel is too hot to touch

2. And the metal part of the seatbelt is so hot it feels like it burns a mark into your skin

3. When your jandal breaks

4. Sitting your sunnies on top of your head and then going to take them off/slide them back on and they get all caught up in your mane

5. Them tan lines

6. Getting up from the seat you were sitting on and finding a giant sweat mark

7. You can't sleep properly cos it's way too hot!

8. You spend most of the summer barefoot and so your feet end up looking like one giant callus from being burnt by hot sand and footpaths and getting prickles in them

9. Between R&V, Raggamufffin, Laneway and all the hottest gigs around the country in the summer you are left pretty damn broke

10. You want fish & chips at the beach? You better bet that a whole family of seagulls will turn up for a feed too