Tupac's 'Hail Mary' accidentally plays at church carols

Hip Hop Hollywood 27/12/2016

The organisers of a Catholic Christmas service in Sri Lanka appear to have had an embarrassing mix-up, printing the explicit lyrics to Tupac's song 'Hail Mary' in their carol service programme, instead of a prayer of the same name.

IInstead of reciting "Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee," the carollers were instructed to sing lines like: "Come with me, Hail Mary…do you want to ride or die?"

Photographs showing the apparent printing error were posted to Facebook and Twitter.

"Meanwhile at Christmas Carols in Sri Lanka.. Forrest Scrutton, some idiot copied a tupac song into the sing-along book 😂"

The Catholic 2016 Joy to the World Festival was held on December 11 at the 1200-seat Nelum Pokuna Theatre in Sri Lanka's largest city, Colombo.

Tupac's 'Hail Mary' talks about the rapper's struggles with drugs, sex and gang violence. It was released shortly after he was shot dead in 1996.