Kiwi Christmas traditions that the world doesn't get

What's Fresh 15/12/2016

It's almst Christmas! And as we are getting ready for the festive season with all our summery gears, the rest of the world is hunkering down for the Winter. 

So here is Kiwi Christmas traditions that the rest of the world misses out on.

1. Food platters for pre-BBQ

2. Eating sausies off of the BBQ

3. Scorched almonds

4. Getting a box of Favourites for a present

5. And of course some Roses...

6. Bluebirds chips with onion dip

7. A cheeky Pavlova

8. Those Cadbury stockings

9. Chocolate coins

And heading away from the food...

10. Backyard or beach cricket

11. Waterslide

12. Water bomb fights

13. And then there's always that one guy that sprays everyone with the hose

14. A bowl full of summer fruit

15. Popping manus in the pool or at the swimming hole