John Parker & Junior Fa both defeat their opponents

Hip Hop Hollywood 10/12/2016

8.25pm - A pretty underwhelming finish to a pretty underwhelming Fa Magrini fight to be fair. A few shots to the Argentinian's abdomen and it was all over in the third round.

8.12pm - Glad I wore my coat because it feels like it's got five degrees colder in here. Lots of familiar faces smiling, chatting, having a beverage or two. Gotta love fight night.

8.05pm - Joseph Parker is ringside as his brother John takes a unanimous 40-36 points decision against McConville. Next up is Junior Fa v Pablo Magrini. More of New Zealand's A-listers begin to file into the main arena including homegrown Hollywood actor Cliff Curtis.

7.55pm - Things here at Vector are just starting to warm up. Joseph Parker's little bro John is currently in the ring taking on Ash McConville. Get an ice cold coke and take a nice warm seat because it's going to be some kind of night and we're going to be with you all the way.

7.30pm - Opening the night in the non-televised fight, Brown Buttabean won his fight against Che Barlow by technical knock-out before oddly announcing his retirement. The first unpredictable moment of the night.