What Steven Adam's can buy with his new contract

Hip Hop Hollywood 03/11/2016

Popular YouTuber Megan Annear busted out the cauculator and found out just how much Steven Adams could afford to buy a day with his new pay check.

Steven Adams just extended his rookie contract with Oklahoma City Thunder for a whopping US$100 million - making him the highest paid New Zealand athlete in HISTORY.

He's already delved into the new paycheck to but a new phone, after he dropped his in the toilet. 

Megan crunched the numbers and here is what Steven Adams can buy in a single day.

- A private yacht
- 2016 Audi A3
- A weekend away for 2 at a 5-Star hotel in Tahiti
- A pair of Louboutin heels
- Full body massage
- An iPhone 7
- Dinner for 2 at The Chateau Marmont
- Amagnum bottle of vintage Dom Perignon Champagne
- A VIP double pass to Justin Bieber!

What the heck Steve, you are a true baller now!