The Rock gets his own All Black jersey and LOVES it!

Hip Hop Hollywood 18/11/2016

What happens when you take the Sexiest Man Alive, who also happens to be the highest-paid actor in Hollywood and put him together with the greatest rugby team in the world?

Although I couldn't actually get him on the team, I was able to get Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's name printed on an official All Blacks jersey - 2XXL of course.

I just interviewed Johnson in LA for his wonderful new Disney film Moana, and as our short time slot drew to a close, I dished out the jersey as thanks.

"Wow, wow!" the WWE superstar exclaimed.

"I just wanna thank all my brothers - thanks, I really appreciate this, thank you very much, this is an honour."

In addition to wrestling, Johnson has played American football. He spent some of his childhood in Auckland - no prizes for guessing what sport he played.

"So I played rugby when I was in New Zealand, when I was a kid - seven or eight-years-old. Everyone is protective and proud of their sport, they all feel like it's the toughest sport that they're in, right? And they are all tough sports," he says.

"I'm always like, 'listen, you don't understand. Yes, American Football is extremely tough, but just imagine - take off all your pads, take your helmet off, then go play the game non-stop and see how you fare'.

"The toughest athletes in the world are rugby players. Thank you guys for this, I appreciate it."

Injured All Black Nehe Milner-Skudder is a big fan of The Rock and was rapt to hear his hero shared love for the black jersey.

"Hey mate, congrats from Hawaii on finally getting your hands on an All Black jersey. I know what it was like when I first got mine, but hey I wasn't the Sexiest Man Alive though," Milner-Skudder said.

"I reckon you'd make a great loose forward, you should have a crack bro. I look forward to some training tips from you to help me get back on the paddock sometime soon. It's raining here in Honolulu, perfect weather to get me into a theatre to watch Moana. Chur Nehe."

The thought of The Rock leading an All Blacks haka? Be still my beating heart.

Johnson is in the midst of a global tour promoting Moana, in which he plays demigod Maui. He hit the red carpet for the world premiere in Hollywood this week, ahead of its New Zealand release on Boxing Day.