Savea claps back at haters

Hip Hop Hollywood 07/11/2016

All Black Julian Savea's wife has fought back at racist, hate comments that were directed at her and Julian after an article claimed them as a rugby power couple.

Commenters hurled racist comments at Fatima, called her a gold digger and talked about Julian's history of domestic violence.

Tima took to Instagram to film her response to shut down the haters.

"You guys don't know me and Julian. You only know what we show you, you don't know our lives or what we go through, so for people to judge based on what is written about us or what you see is pretty pathetic," she said in the video.

"I mean there was a comment there that said 'bomb her before she bombs our Julian'. Come on people. Could you get any more racist?"

"Then there's always the ones that comment; 'is he gonna beat her?', 'Is that the one he beat up?' Come on people, come on. Julian wouldn't even hurt a fly and there's always two sides of the story so let's just leave it there." the commenters were referring to a charge that was laid against Julian on his former partner - it was withdrawn by Wellington District Court.

"Moral of the story is me and Julian are still human and we have feelings and seeing these comments really does upset us because we're good people." Fatima said.