Tip Top celebrates 80th birthday with $2 Trumpets all summer

Hip Hop Hollywood 01/11/2016

One of New Zealand's favourite ice cream companies has turned 80 and is giving Kiwis a present instead.

Tip Top is releasing a new flavour, bringing back the Fruju Snow and making Trumpets only $2 right through summer in celebration.

Managing director Kim Ballinger says it wanted to share its success with the country.

"We think it's a great time to celebrate our birthday with all the New Zealanders who have also helped make Tip Top what it is today," she says.

The company produces 23,000 metric tonnes of ice cream every year.

The company itself hasn't changed much at all.

Ms Ballinger says it tried synthetic flavours once but canned those, and even got rid of ingredients that used palm oil.

"The same great things that make Tip Top great today were in place back then, with fresh milk and cream, and lovely, fresh berries from Nelson - quite humble beginnings. Pretty much we still do a lot of the same things, which is why we think our ice cream tastes awesome."

Tip Top has released a cake and raspberry-flavoured ice cream with real cake pieces and sprinkles to celebrate.