Shaun Johnson & Kayla Cullen are in the cutest Insta feud

Hip Hop Hollywood 10/10/2016

Shaun Johnson & Kayla Cullen are currently in a Instagram battle of throwbacks since they returned from their Fiji getaway.

Johnson posted a throwback picture of him and Kayla saying, "Best photo of my life. 5 years since @kaylamalvinacullen fan girl'd and asked me for a photo #ShesGonnaKillMe #ButYouGuysDeserveTheTruth"

Kayla obviously wasn't too happy with Shaun's throwback and clapped right back and one upped Shaun Johnson with a video saying, "Best video of my life. 1 year since @shaun_johnson90 fan girl'd out and made me a video #HesGonnaKillMe #ButYouGuysDeserveTheActualTruth @AreYouDone #StillInTheFanZone"

Crack up as and they've proving that they're still one of our fave Kiwi couples.