Nicki Minaj trolls fans with new album

Hip Hop Hollywood 11/10/2016

US rapper Nicki Minaj has revealed that her announcement that a new album exclusively dedicated to fruit would be released on Sunday night was all a big ruse.

The New York-based artist was trending on Twitter in the US on Sunday (NZ time) with the hashtag #PickYourFruitOut, which was supposedly her new album title - but she's now admitted she just made it up on the spot.

The hoax album was first thought up by Minaj after receiving an influx of tweets asking when she would be releasing new music.

The 33-year-old sent the above tweet, teasing her 20.6 million Twitter followers with the promise of the long-awaited new LP.

After a massive response to the announcement, Minaj even went to the effort of producing a tracklist for her faux album - with each song named after a particular fruit.

Track four, 'Banana', was promised to contain a 'Harambe Interlude' - a reference to the gorilla that was shot and killed at Cincinnati Zoo earlier this year.

Later, the 'Anaconda' hit-maker vowed to "pop out [of] a giant fruit cake" - before revealing that a new album was not actually imminent.

Minaj has given no word on how close she is to releasing a follow-up to 2014 albumPinkprint.