Blac Chyna goes IN on guy who says Rob's not her baby daddy

Hip Hop Hollywood 28/10/2016

If there's one thing you should never do in your life, its mess with a pregnant Blac Chyna.

JC Pilot Jones learnt the hard way after he came out saying that he was Blac Chyna's baby daddy and her fiancee Rob Kardashian was not.

Blac Chyna clapped back at JC with evidence that he was not that father (see the paternity test), that he was in a relationship with another man and that he's just trying to steal some of her limelight on his upcoming song with rapper Trina.

Blac Chyna also went on to say that JC was money hungry and was trying to get in on her ChyEmoji franchise.

Sorry JC you can never join Chyna's roster!