3 times the Kiwi's V Kangaroo's tests got physical

Hip Hop Hollywood 14/10/2016

Perth has gotten it's first rugby league test when the Kiwis take on the Kangaroo's. And in good practice, there is no doubt that this test will more than likely get pretty physical.

The day that the Kangaroo's learned to NOT challenge the haka! This was the 2008 World Cup final and the Aussie's decided to walk up to the Kiwi's and challenge the haka. This left the Kiwi's fired up and they won their first and only Rugby League World Cup title 34-20.

One of the biggest scraps in league history goes to the Tamati v Dowling punch up in 1985. They scraped on the field and as they were both sent off to the sin bin for an early shower to end the game, they got into another scrap on the sidelines in Brisbane.

Tamati later revealed to TV3 that the reason for the scrap on the sidelines was because Greg Dowling racially abused him.

In a 2006 match-up Willie Mason threw shade during a pre-match haka. He later revealed that he was mocking the Kiwi's Australian fullback Brent Webb.

It resulted in a pretty big scrap during the game.