Kiwi opens up McDonald's burger to see giant loogie

Hip Hop Hollywood 03/10/2016

A late night mission to get McDonald's ended in disgust after an Auckland man claims a fast food worker spit a "loogie" on the top of his burger.

Shaun Perry says after ordering a Double Quarter Pounder from a McDonald's in Manukau and finding it to be a patty short, he asked the woman working the drive-through to fix it.

He claims when he got home and opened the box he discovered a big hunk of spit and snot on the top.

Mr Perry took a picture of the burger and posted it to Facebook. It has since been shared hundreds of times.

He has lodged a complaint with the company.

But McDonald's says Mr Perry's story doesn't check out.

"Once the restaurant was aware of the complaint they checked CCTV footage and we are confident nothing happened to the burger," a McDonald's spokesperson told Newshub.

"The restaurant will be contacting the customer in regards to his complaint."

He says he is yet to hear back from the company, but stands by his claim.

"It 100 percent looks like a snot loogie, and I stupidly smelt it, which unfortunately helped me believe it was in fact spit.

"I won't ever be going back to that McDonald's."