'Tupac cafe' opening on 20th anniversary of his death

Hip Hop Hollywood 12/09/2016

While there are rumours floating around that Tupac may or may not be alive until there is ACTUAL proof that he's still out there, there is no denying that the 20th anniversary of his death has fast approached us.

And to honour the late West Coast rapper, one guy in the US has opened up a pop-up Tupac diner. It’s called Powamekka, and is based on sketches drawn by the rapper before his death in 1996, Rolling Stone reports.

The food joint is opening on the 13th of September, the exact day of Tupac's passing. Tupac died six days after he was shot in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas at just 25 years old. He would have turned 45 in June.

The cafe is going to be decked out in Tupac inspired art, have a Tupac inspired menu and of course play his music.

The menu includes the California Love Chicken Sandwich, Hennessy Apple Butter Chicken Wings, Mac-and-Cheeseburger and Thug Passion Cake Pops.