Tyga & Nick Cannon go IN on each other during rap battle

Hip Hop Hollywood 10/08/2016

These guys might want to apply some cold water after these burns!

Nick Cannon invited Tyga onto his show Wild 'N Out and pretty much showed no mercy when laying down a few words toward Tyga. 

Nick pretty much ripped Tyga a new one about 'cradle-snatching' and the whole Kardashian dynamics in general - including the whole Blac Chyna-Rob-Kylie thing that he's got going on.

But Tyga could hold his own against Nick Cannon, bringing out his 'brother-in-law' Scott Disick to help back him up and not holding back on Cannon when it came to his ex-wife and baby mama Mariah Carey.

Tyga & Scott took out the battle between both squads.