Kiwi Koi Boys land a record deal

Hip Hop Hollywood 22/08/2016

The Koi Boys are set to embark on a new stage of their music careers.

The Kiwi trio shot to stardom after dazzling Jessie J and the rest of the judges on The Voice Australia but even after getting eliminated in the knockout rounds they have managed to secure an album deal with Universal Music.

Danny Faifai told TV3's The Hui that after being on the music scene on the Gold Coast for more than 20 years this opportunity is incredible. Bandmate Kevin Keepa says this is the first time a group eliminated outside of the top 10 has been signed to a record deal.

Both Keepa and Faifai grew up in Wellington and became friends before moving across the ditch.

After years of gigging with various singers and bands, the pair picked up their latest member, Nuz, or Ngahere Ngatai at the Koi Lounge and Bar on the Gold Coast. Nuz sang one song and never left.

The Voice Australia isn't the first TV gig for Nuz who stared on The GC and also auditioned for X Factor in 2011. But it's with Faifai and Keepa that he's found his voice.

The Kiwi singers were star-struck though when they worked with their Voice judge, Jessie J.

Faifai recalls what happened when the boys had their first lesson with the international singer.

The first thing she said to us was, 'I don't know what we can teach you.'  But once we started the song, she was like, 'Hang on!

"It was unlearning for us because we were so used to just going out there delivering. The crowds are made for us.

"Jessie J would say, 'No you need to smile, diction, maybe try the line like this.' She gave me 10 different ways of singing a line and I couldn't get any of them because I was so used to singing it like at work."

The Koi Boys are taking the lessons learnt from The Voice Australia into the studio with them as they enter into this new phase of their careers.

The Hui was granted access to the first two days of recording their album, which will be a mix of covers and originals.