Newlyweds go viral with Black Power wedding photo

News 29/03/2016

Bet you've never seen a wedding photo like this!

Newlyweds Sarah and Matthew Oke were snapped over the weekend with a group of about 20 Black Power gang members and their photo has gone viral popping up on news sites across the world including; The Daily Mail & Lazy Pens.

Sarah and Matthew were taking their wedding photo at Lucy's Gully in Taranaki on Saturday when they stumbled across the men.

Rebecca Inns Photography shared the beautiful moment via their Facebook page with some background info on photograph.

"For those asking how the photo came about….

We were up at Lucy's Gully photographing with the bridal party, the rain had just cleared and we were enjoying a lovely sunny wedding shoot. As we headed back to the cars we came across a very full car-park and the guys were there as part of a hikoi around the mountain to pay respects to those passed away. It was going to take a while to get our cars out so Jordan asked if it would be OK to include them in a wedding photo. They were really accommodating and had a discussion among themselves and after some discussion they decided that it would be fine… this is the result.

We had planned to keep the image for the bride and groom however after another image went viral we were given permission to share this one. "


We always aim to capture something a little different with our couples... and on Saturday I think we did just that!

Posted by Rebecca Inns Photography on Sunday, 27 March 2016