VIDEO: Jamie Foxx saves man from burning car

News 21/01/2016

Earlier this week Jamie Foxx played the hero, and pulled 32-year-old Brett Kyle out of the flames following a crash outside his house.

Kyle suffered a broken collarbone and punctured lung after his car was left overturned and in a ditch.

Jamie Foxx spoke with NBC 4 News following the incident and said:“I don’t look at it as heroic, I look at it as I just had to do something,”

“The way I found about it was, it was about 8:30, and I heard the crash and I heard someone yelling. And I said, ‘You gotta help me get you out, ‘cause I don’t wanna have to leave you.’ And I said, ‘You got angels around you.”

Jamie Foxx also met Brett's father, Brad Kyle, who offered a tearful “I think one would be willing to jump in when it needs to be done, but how many of us really would? Whether this person is famous or not, I’m so glad, so happy,”

“Just the fact that one human being is willing to help another one means a lot to me,”