Watch: Teddy Swims surprises CHCH with a powerful Six60 cover packed with aroha

Watch: Teddy Swims surprises CHCH with a powerful Six60 cover packed with aroha

“You’re my favourite people in the whole world."

Teddy Swims surprised Kiwi fans with a special Six60 cover, showing some serious aroha to the Kiwis who "had [his] back when no one else did."

The 'Some Things I'll Never Know' singer kicked off his three sold-out shows in Aotearoa at Christchurch’s Town Hall last night, woah, he brought the vibes!

During his powerful set, Teddy took a breather to connect with the crowd and show his appreciation for our tautoko.

Teddy Swims Six60 'Rivers' Live Cover
Teddy Swims performed a special cover of Six60's 'Rivers' during the first of his three sold-out New Zealand shows in Christchurch.
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“Five years ago my life changed forever. I did a cover of a Michael Jackson song and we woke up the next day and we had 150k views on it,” he began.

“There were a bunch of comments that said ‘Kia ora, the Kiwis love you here’,” Teddy added. “I just want to tell you you’re my favourite people in the whole world, my favourite place in the world.”


“I love you guys and I really mean that from the bottom of my heart,” he added.

“You guys are my first loves. I like to consider myself a kindred spirit. I feel like I’m a Kiwi my damn self.”

Teddy then launched into the Six60 track ‘Rivers’ as the hall echoed with cheers for the special tribute to Aotearoa.

Four years ago, Teddy’s YouTube cover of the same Kiwi track went viral. It now sits at a whopping 6.6 million views and is the reason for many New Zealand fans backing him in the early stages of his career. 

We always love it when international artists recognise our little country, and Teddy Swims is a legend for showing us so much love.