Kendrick Lamar drops 'Not Like Us' music video

The vid sees the hip-hop star return to his hometown of Compton, and take one more big shot at Drake.

Kendrick Lamar celebrated Independance Day by dropping the music video for 'Not Like Us' - where he pretty much got the entire city of L.A. to join his victory lap over Drake.

Lamar returned to his hometown of Compton to shoot parts of the video, and got the whole neighbourhood involved - which you can hear them in the video singing along to.

The video also features Kendrick dancing with his partner, Whitney Alford, and their two children - a response to Drake questioning their relationship in his diss track 'Family Matters'.

And to cap it off - Lamar takes a few more jabs at Drake - smashing an owl piñata before ending the video of him staring at a caged owl (if you didn't know, Drake's OVO logo is of an owl).

The video has only been posted for an hour but already has racked up over 1.3 million views and thousands of comments on YouTube, and the people are loving it (well, maybe not Drake fans).

The game was already over but this is the icing on the cake we reckon!