'Fire!': Māori artist Rei just dropped a new energetic version of a famous waiata

'Fire!': Māori artist Rei just dropped a new energetic version of a famous waiata

"This is one of my favourite waiata reo māori"
4 July 2024 1:48PM

The mega-talented Aotearoa artist Rei just dropped a new track that brings the ultimate vibes to an already popular waiata. 

Announcing his new song ‘Nuku te Āio’ earlier this week, Rei wrote in a newsletter to fans sharing he felt inspired by the original well-known waiata of the same name.

“This is one of my favourite waiata reo māori, and it's a big tune from my rohe, Horowhenua and Manawatū,” he wrote.

“I've been wanting to sing this in my sets for a while now, so now I can!” He added.

Along with the release of the track, the Tāmaki Makarau-based singer released a music video of him vibing out in the streets.

One fan loved the “little slice of home” Rei shares in the video. 

“So glad I discovered your music because I've been abroad for almost a decade now, and it makes me feel like a little piece of me is still home. I needed it,” they wrote. 

Others are just loving the overall energy of the track that's all about sharing peace. 

One said: “Far this take on 'Nuku te Āio' is on!”

“Fire cuzzy!” Another agreed.

It’s been a big year so far for the Aotearoa artist. Rei also released a track back in April that came with a powerful kaupapa

‘Toitū’ was released with the message of upholding the treaty and keeping the mana during times when the Māori culture seems at risk. 

“It’s haka raps with big landback energy,” Rei said about the waiata. “I've got a good feeling about this one.”

“Kanikani music with a kaupapa!! Rehekoooooo.”

It was the first track Rei had dropped since his 2023 release ‘Haumiri Iho’.

He dropped that because he reckoned there wasn't enough sexy Reo music out there and wanted to make sure all genres and topics were covered!

He’s doing a pretty mean job so far, eh?