Shiray Kaka to head to the 2024 Olympics

Shiray Kaka to head to the 2024 Olympics

Rayze the roof goes international!!
17 June 2024 9:01AM

Black Ferns Sevens’ star Shiray Kaka will be heading to the Olympics after all, despite tearing her ACL earlier this year.

After tearing her ACL during a sevens tournament in Spain, the Olympian shared an emotional video on Instagram, captioned: “My Olympics dream is over". The video has since racked up over 600,000 views.

The Gold medalist has now shared an updated video with some epic news. “We are going to the Olympics!!! (and by we I mean all of you too),” she said.

After Shiray's video in May, fellow NZ influencer Louis Davies decided to help her get to the Olympics as a reporter. He posted a video to his 200k followers, explaining that he wanted to inspire his daughter Kiwa by showing that dreams can come true despite setbacks.

He urged his followers to tag sports media outlets in the comments to support the idea of having her join their team as a broadcaster for the games.

“So we can show little girls like Kiwa, that dreams can come true”.

Many fans tagged Sky Sport, while fellow Black Ferns Sevens teammates showed support commenting: “Yessss let’s make this happen!!”.

In the latest Instagram update, Shiray announced: “I got some exciting news today".

Revealing the exciting news to her husband Gillies, Shiray excitedly announced: “We’re going to France! We’re going to the Olympics”. To celebrate the great news, Gillies chucked on a French Rugby shirt.

“Not how I thought I’d get there, but we’re going,” the sports star wrote alongside her post, promising to share more details soon.

The couple are no strangers to being on the broadcasting side of sports, using their own platforms to create a segment called 'Rayzing the Awareness' where they talk about all things Women’s sports.

We can’t wait to see what's to come of this Olympic journey of different sorts. I guess we'll find out ore info when the Paris Games commence in just 5 weeks time.