WATCH: MMA fighter proposes to his girlfriend after losing and it does NOT go well

WATCH: MMA fighter proposes to his girlfriend after losing and it does NOT go well

“Definitely not his night.”

Reckon you’ve had a shocker of a day? Try being this MMA fighter who got humiliated in front of thousands of fans after proposing to his missus post-loss.

Lukas Bukovaz stepped into the ring for the ‘Clash of the Stars’ tournament in the Czech Republic over the weekend, but his fight wasn’t the only thing he lost that night.

Right after getting beat, Bukovaz dropped to one knee in the cage, popping the question to his girlfriend in front of a crowd of around 20,000.

Footage of the awkward incident shows her immediately throwing her hand over her face in serious embarrassment.

While the in-ring announcer awkwardly held the microphone, she said: “Based on everything that’s happened, I think probably not… I don’t think so.”

Bukovaz dropped his head in disappointment as the crowd went wild with boos. Some fella even tried to throw water at her.

Turns out, she said no because he’d allegedly cheated on her. 

Bukovaz later denied it all in a post-match interview. 

People have been feeling for the guy, with one commenting: “He lost two battles in 2mins.”

Another said: “Definitely not his night.”

“Damn, 2 L's in a Day. I feel sorry for his next opponent once he recovers,” added a third. 

A fourth wrote: “That’s rough.”

Others are giving big ups to the girlfriend for standing her ground. 

“Good for her,” said one person.

Another commenter on Instagram called her a “queen”.

Either way, no one wants to be put in that position on either end. 

How do you reckon you’d handle taking two losses like that?