NZ supermarket employee surprises customers with te reo Māori closing call
Te reo Māori
Te reo Māori

NZ supermarket employee surprises customers with te reo Māori closing call

We love to see that!

New World Ōpōtiki is going viral around the motu after one of their young employees did the stores closing call in te reo Māori.

Footage on the NZ supermarket's TikTok has raked in 18.5k likes and has been viewed over 90k times in just 24 hours.

We also love the support that he got from the customers, - you can faintly hear 'kia ora' and according to Ōpōtiki New World, the response "was louder" but they had stopped filming right after he finished. 

He was real for telling people to hurry up so the staff could head home.

Shoutout to @reomaori on TikTok for coming through with the translations: "Greetings to my rooms. In five minutes the doors of this store will close. So please be quick with your shopping. We, the staff, want to return home to our own houses. So let's all hurry up. Thank you!"

The comment section didn't disappoint either.

"Aaaaah I wish I was in the store when this happened. Proud to be tangata whenua", one wrote.

"OMG! I'm at the end of my working week and you have made my day.. ❤️❤️" another wrote.

"Kia Ora nau mai ki te reo Māori !!! Mauri Ora !!! 😉 This was a blessing to watch and to hear. Tena koe 🥰" a third wrote. 

New World also responded to all the love and support they received via this video in the last 24 hours.

"Thank you everyone for all the kind words. We absolutely love the use of Te Reo in our workplace, and it should be used far more often."

"The confidence our junior staff have to speak in Māori is such a powerful message and it's a beautiful site to see them expressing themselves".