'Clever' puppy goes viral for being able to count in te reo Māori

'Clever' puppy goes viral for being able to count in te reo Māori

Such a smart guy!

A video of a dog not only understanding te reo Māori but also being able to count has gone viral.

User @dartagnanlewis on TikTok shared a video of their clever pup understanding the reo. 

It starts off with a wahine asking the dog to talk with her. 

Tyson, the pup then starts counting aka barking, and even with a trick question in between, he nails it. 

'Tahi' (one) - Tyson barks once. 

'Toru' (three) - Tyson barks thrice.

'Rua' (two) - Tyson barks twice. 

And of course, he gets his treat, and as he should.

And it's not just that he can count 1, 2, and 3,  lil Tyson is already counting up to 6! 

According to @dartagnanlewis, he can count in any sequence, and "he's up to 6 now. It's basically all based on treats ahahha"

The video has been watched 83.K times already and has been getting love all across the motu.                

"Clever babyyy"

"He’s sooo smart & cute"

"Love this! 🥰 I’m also teaching my dog Te Reo"

"My dog can't even count in English" - same brother. 

Someone also shared in the comment section that their dog does not move until the karakia is over and she's said 'amen'. 

"it's the best way, I karakia mo te kai for my Kuri. shes the best. doesn't move until I say amen 🔥"