Kiwi rapper gets noticed by Jack Harlow's team while busking in Auckland

Headlines 02/08/2022

Local rapper Jeremiah Reyllo got a mean surprise while rapping on the streets of Auckland city when some members of Jack Harlow's team showed up to listen. 

The best part is, he just happened to be performing Jack Harlow's hit 'What's Poppin' when they rolled through Queen Street. 

Jeremiah shared the moment on TikTok, explaining he was "just out here doing his shit like the usual" when he noticed a couple of guys who seemed to know the song a bit too well ad-libbing to his bars. 

"Yo I don't really know if Jack can hear me," Jeremiah yelled at the end of the track. "Jack, bro, that's your song, man!" 

That's about the time one of the guys approaches the up-and-coming rapper, telling him: "I'm part of Jack Harlow's team." 

"Oh, what?" Jeremiah replies. "Wait, hold up." 

The guys then tell the busker: "We're about to send this to Jack. We just took a video, we're gonna send this to Jack." 

Jeremiah's reaction is too good. 

Bro! Are you serious man? Oh my God! What are you guys doing here, just walking around?!

Turns out Jack's team were checking out the 09 ahead of his performance at Trust Arena the following night. 

"I'm just having a good time out here man, I'm a huge fan," Jeremiah told them.

In his TikTok. Jeremiah said it was the "best thing that's ever happened in his life". We reckon big things are on the way for him, and people on social media heartily agreed. 

"That’s what happens when you put yourself out there, good stuff! never know who might be walking past," one comment read. 

"You are 100% the next big thing. good luck with your adventures," said another. 

"Your breath control is unreal, nice bro," a third chimed in.