Coca Cola have come out to address the rumours that Lift is being discontinued

Headlines 02/08/2022

Last month we shared with you the bombshell rumours that Lift was set to be banished to the "junk food graveyard", AKA: Being discontinued. 

These rumours found their way to the Coca Cola head offices, so naturally they had to make a statement on the future of Lift.

And in a nice twist of fate it turns out that Lift is going no where, it is indeed here to stay! 

“Coca-Cola in New Zealand can confirm that Lift is not being discontinued here," the company told us in a statement.

"It is a well-loved product by Kiwis and rest assured you can still find it on shelves across the country.”

The chat about Lift being discontinued began with Aussie TikTokker @russ.eats, who heard through the grapevine that Coca-Cola Australia could be set to give the lemony fizzy drink the chop.

Many assumed the same would happen across the ditch here in Aotearoa, but Coca-Cola NZ has confirmed that is simply not the case. 

Who would've thought writing stories about Tiktok's would be a shaky situation in regards to maintaining journalistic integrity and finding the truth? Not us obviously.

Long Live Lift.