T-Pain claims that 2Pac would have gotten ‘ate the f*ck up lyrically’ if he was alive today

Headlines 13/07/2022

T-Pain woke up and chose violence.

The 'Rappa Ternt Sanga' had appeared on DJ Akademiks' Twitch channel when the conversation moved towards hip-hop in the social media era.

This then prompted the 'Bartender' singer to audaciously claim that 2Pac “would’ve gotten his ass ate the f*ck up lyrically,” before continuing and saying “lyricism wise, ’Pac would’ve got ridiculously murdered.”

DJ Akademiks tried to push back on the claim, highlighting the current state of drill music where lyrics have taken a backseat to just being disrespectful.

To which T-Pain responded “’Pac was a crazy lyricist in our time because ain’t nobody else have no platform,”

You can check out the chat in the link below, skip through to 2:32:00 to hear T-Pain speak on Pac.