People are clowning on Kanye West's new Yeezys for looking like sausage rolls

Headlines 13/07/2022

Kanye is once again in the public light, but this time it’s more for the look of one of the latest Yeezy shoes. 

It all started when Yeezy Mafia, an unaffiliated but highly respected Kanye news outlet, posted a photo of the Yeezy 450 Sulfur shoes asking followers for their thoughts on them after they were released last week. 

The replies to the tweet instantly started getting shots off about the eerie similarity to a certain kind of pastry that the shoes share.

“What’s it filled with? Beef and onion or chicken and mushroom?” one said .

“Need another ten minutes in the oven,” said another. 

British bakery chain Gregg’s even chimed in, tweeting: “Two sausage rolls short of a multipack”. 

A couple generous tweeters shared some recipes to possibly improve the look. 

Some were having a little less fun with it and just being straight-up cruel. 

“Damn these are ugly” and a to-the-point vomit emoji were both commented under the photo. 

It should be said that not all the comments were dragging on the kicks, with people saying they are “glad to have them” and that they go well with their fits.

We’ll be honest, these are some weird-looking shoes, but hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

If you wanna cop a pair for yourself, be prepared to empty the wallet a little - they’re going for NZ$300 and up at most resellers, just make sure you got some t-sauce ready to go as well.