Fans are creeped out by the hologram of Biggie that's going viral

Headlines 14/06/2022

A hologram of hip-hop royalty Christopher Wallace AKA The Notorious B.I.G, AKA Biggie, was unveiled in Brooklyn today and people are torn about it. 

The hologram of the ‘Hypnotize’ rapper was displayed at the restaurant Chop House in Brooklyn, Biggie’s home town. It was made by the company ‘Proto Hologram’ and it is pretty crazy how real it looks.

Some people on the internet reckon it looks a bit too real, complaining that the life-size hologram is creeping them out.

Other people thought it looked sick, even noticing the fit on the hologram -  black and white Jordan 1s and a dark green Sergio Tacchini tracksuit.

Some are thinking that surely Biggie should be rocking Timbs. 

Creepy or not, it is pretty crazy just how realistic the hologram is - the future is well and truly here.