WATCH: The Game tries to arm wrestle Mike Tyson

Headlines 26/05/2022

In his prime, Mike Tyson was one of the scariest individuals to ever step in a boxing ring. These days, he's one of the chillest individuals going around, which may have a lot to do with his love of the devil's lettuce.

But every now and then, Mike likes to let the animal back out again, treating us to glimpses of his fiercely competitive nature.

L.A. rapper The Game got to experience that infamous Tyson spirit during an appearance on Mike's 'Hotboxin' podcast, where Game found himself locked in an arm wrestle with the former heaveyweight champ.

A video posted to Instagram shows the two of them locked in an intense battle, with Game holding his own... until Mike's competitive spirit took over.

Blunt in mouth, Mike eventually begins to turn the tide and forces Game to bail on the contest before the rapper exclaims "It's a tie motherf***er". 

We don't feel as confident as The Game does in calling it an even contest, but it'll definitely be a story he can tell his grandkids later in life.