Photos of Southmall Manurewa now and 100 years ago go viral

Headlines 30/05/2022

A Reddit post is making waves online for showing a wild comparison of Great South Road/Station Road-Hill road in Southmall Manurewa almost 100 years apart

The photo from 1925 shows a car, some horses and carriages on a wide dirt road, as well as a couple of buildings and what must be electricity or telephone poles.

A lot changed in the 96 years between the photos, but there are some similarities.

The road remains relatively unchanged with only the concrete covering it being the main difference, the footpath seems to be the same, and in both photos, the Warriors have the same amount of NRL championships.

When it comes to the differences, there are many more buildings, and obviously, now there are street and traffic lights.

Commenters also noticed that the same tree is in both photos, in the 1920s it was just a little pine tree, but by 2021 it towers over the street.

There were multiple photos of this tree shared in the comments.

There are more pictures in the comments that show what Southmall was like in the past, and they're pretty amazing.