'Chinese Cuisine' from Mercury Plaza is coming back after shutting down in 2019

Headlines 11/05/2022

Hearts were broken all around Tāmaki Makaurau in 2019, when it was announced that legendary food court 'Mercury Plaza' would be shutting it's doors forever.

The food court was filled with popular Asian food stalls that had dedicated regulars returning again and again, from Malaysian to Japanese, every box was ticked.

But of all the restaurants the most popular and most iconic was 'Chinese Cuisine', a family run business that many have claimed had the best wonton noodle soup in the city.

So you can imagine how devastated the regulars were when it was announced that the building was going to be demolished at the end of 2019.

Ever since then, loyal fans have been waiting and hoping for a comeback, hoping for another taste of the MSG-laden goodness that was served up hot and fresh by the Chan whānau.

And now, we have this:

"Coming Soon" reads the somewhat mysterious post from the Chinese Cuisine social media pages, followed by "Stay Tuned".

At long last, nearly 3 years after closing down, it appears that the legendary Chan whānau are bringing their special brand of Chinese kai and friendly service.

The mysterious nature of the post means that we don't have a lot of info to go off, but you can assured that as soon as any updates come out, we'll be right on it.

But for now, we can rest easy at night, dreaming of the inevitable return of the best wonton noodle soup in the game.