Iconic Tip Top ice cream 'Dessertalicious' is back!

Headlines 04/02/2022

After years of public demand and social media campaigning, the iconic Kiwi ice cream 'Dessertalicious' has been brought back from extinction!

The discontinued ice cream built a cult like following after being axed by Tip Top in the late 2000's, to the point where a specially dedicated Facebook page (Tip Top - Bring back "Dessertalicious" Ice Cream) was set up in 2015.

The page has built a following of more than 4.5K fans, and has been periodically keeping people updated on any Dessertalicious based news.

The page recently posted a screenshot of the Tip Top website, which showed a new look 'Dessertalicious' residing amongst their 'Crave' range.

The website states: "You craved, we delivered! The 90s classic is back, remixed for today’s tastes. We’ve said see ya later to the fake flavours and have gone all natural with creamy honeycomb ice cream, chocolate mousse & chocolate sponge pieces. Welcome back to the new-school Crave Dessertalicious!"

While this is exciting news, it does appear as though the ice cream has had a significant redesign in both packaging and contents.

But at this point we're just glad to see it back so we'll reserve judgement for when we can actually get our hands on a tub of this goodness!