50 Cent claps back at haters who fat-shamed him at Super Bowl

Headlines 18/02/2022

This year's Super Bowl halftime performance will go down in history as one of the best ever done.

If you missed it, it featured an star-studded line up of hip hop legends - Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Mary J. Blige - and even a surprise cameo by 50 Cent himself.

Snoop and Dre kicked things off, and then fans jaws dropped when the camera panned downstairs to reveal 50 Cent hanging upside down performing his 2003 hit single "In Da Club", an ode to his iconic music video.

And while most people were in awe of what they were watching, a lot of people didn't hold back and commented on Fiddy's appearance....and how it looked like he had put on a bit of weight compared to his 2003 attempt.

50 Cent performing at the Super Bowl

Comments like:

Went from 50 Cent to 50 percent body fat

50 Cent out here looking like a FAT BAT

You know 50 Cent done got fat because he kept pulling his shirt down. Only fat people do that.

50 Cent got fat now he a dollar

Legit thought it was a fat 50 Cent impersonator.

Let's just get one thing straight - we ain't got no time for fat-shaming, or any form of cyber-bullying that is intended to hurt or shame anyone.

50 Cent eventually saw all the tweets and jokes at his expense, and responded in the best way possible - by owning his body image, and plugging his new merch.

He's also received heaps of support online.

Ignore the haters. I thought you look great! You will always be a legend to me!' one wrote.

I know we all wanna haha on 50 Cent Bc he’s a bigger guy now but that man walked up, pulled himself upside down like we used to on the monkey bars and held his weight up until it was time to start rappin.. my goodness.

'People are fat shaming 50 Cent just because he looks different than he did when he first released In da Club 19 years ago. I dare you middle aged people to find a picture of yourself from 19 years ago. I’ll bet you looked different too.

Couldn't agree more - what he did was impressive!