WATCH: Israel Adesanya urges Jacinda Ardern to amend coward punch laws during post-fight press conference

Headlines 14/06/2021

Following his convincing title defence against Marvin Vettori at UFC 263, Israel Adesanya had one thing on his mind; his close friend and CKB teammate Fau Vake, who was murdered in an unprovoked attack in Auckland last month.

"I just wanted to say, Fau Vake, Fau Vake, Fau Vake I love you man," Adesanya said.

"Willie, John, James, all the Vake fam (sic), Isa banana, all love, you know what we do. This fight I dedicate to you Fau."

However it was at the post-fight press conference that Adesanya took the opportunity to use his platform to call for a change in coward punch laws, urging Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern directly to take action.

"Jacinda, I don't know who else is in your f**king cabinet, but you know it was wrong," Adesanya said. "You know exactly what to do.

"I don't know what puppet master is pulling the strings, but you're the leader of the country. You handled the mosque shootings like a f**king champ, can you please do the same with this shit too."

In 2018, a bill to introduce harsher punishment for coward punches from National MP Matt King was voted down in its first reading by Labour, NZ First and the Green Party.

"Australia was ahead. They created this really harsh penalty for people who blind shot people.

"You'd expect New Zealand to do the same thing. For what reason would you want to pass up on a bill like that? Who does that?"

The whole team at CKB have been vocal in their demands of the government to amend the coward punching laws. 

 inisiting the act is charged as murder and carries a mandatory 20-year sentence.

"If someone walks up to someone who is doing nothing – be it an old man or an old lady or whatever – and blind shots them from the back, give them 20 years, standard. Because that's assault with a deadly weapon.

"I don't want to get angry, I don't want to get political but I expect better from the Government of New Zealand.

"That was f**king wrong what they did to my boy. It was wrong and [the Government] know that too."

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