Poll says 46% of Americans would support Dwayne Johnson for Presidency

Headlines 09/04/2021

Back in 2017, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson said that he was seriously considering running for president but it depended on what the people wanted. According to this new poll that claims that 46% of Americans would support him, we may have a new presidential candidate.

The poll found that 29% would support The Rock to become president and Matthew McConaughey to become the Texas Governor. 17% would only advocate for Dwayne Johnson’s run. When talking to USA Today in February this year Dwayne Johnson said,

“I would consider a presidential run in the future if that’s what the people wanted... Truly I mean that, and I’m not flippant in any way with my answer. That would be up to the people...So I would wait, and I would listen. I would have my finger on the pulse, my ear to the ground.”

It looks like if he is seriously considering running for president it may be as soon as 2024 or 2028 according to an interview he had with Stephen Colbert. Johnson is registered as independent and we know that in the past he has voted for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

63% of voters in the poll think that celebrities would “make good politicians” if they had political aptitude or had the right team backing them. The poll had 30,138 participants and was conducted over two days.

At one point in time, we did think that the thought of a wealthy reality tv businessman becoming president was ridiculous but it looks like anything is possible if you’re a celebrity! Who knows? Maybe the next election will feature a WWE Royal Rumble match for the presidency!