Iconic Kiwi confectionery 'Pods' to be discontinued


No matter if you're a snickers or pods fan, today is a sad day for New Zealand. One of the best movie snacks has been confirmed that it's discontinued. RIP Pods.

The General Manager for Mars said in a statement,

"We don't make these decisions lightly, and when we do, we always try to balance the expectations of our customers with the needs of our business. We recognise some will be disappointed by this change, and we hope it's not long before they find a new favourite treat from the Mars line-up."

The real question on everyone’s minds at the moment is if the snickers flavour has also being discontinued but from the statement it looks like they’ll both be gone. We had a quick look at Countdown's website and both flavours have disappeared.

We're so guttered that Pod's will be leaving our shelves and will be rushing to the supermarket to get our last taste of it! It is such a kiwi stape that we're sure it'll be back in a few years though. If you need your fix of Pod's and want to DIY your own be sure to click here for a great recipe!