Boxing legend David Tua rescues mother and child stranded with a flat tyre

Headlines 29/03/2021

Samoan-born boxing legend David Tua has been seen coming to the aid of a woman and her son, whose car had a flat tyre.

Twitter user @NicoleWhippy recounted her friend's story, together with a picture of 48-year-old Tua changing her tyre, while talking her son through the process.

"My gf gets a flat tyre while out with her young son and she doesn’t know how to fix it," she tweets.

"A couple in a car pull over to help her. The man not only changes it but takes the time to teach her 6 year old son what to do."

The woman was brought to tears by Tua's generosity, promoting her to snap a picture to capture the moment, all the while completely unaware of his standing as an NZ sporting legend.

"She is so touched by this man's kindness she starts crying," she continues.

"She posts this photo of the moment. 

"She had no idea it was David Tua."

What a legend!