WATCH: 5-year-old Angelou Brown sends powerful message to Dwayne Johnson about domestic violence

Headlines 26/11/2020

The legends at "She Is Not Your Rehab" have created a truly moving piece of content that sees 5-year-old Angelou Brown share a message about domestic violence with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

The video follows Angelou speaking about the mahi his father Matt Brown does with his "She Is Not Your Rehab" movement, which he describes in his own words as the anti-violence movement birthed from a barbershop."

“Men, we need to stop treating our women like rehabilitation centres. She is not your rehab! Your childhood trauma wasn’t your fault but your healing now is your responsibility.”

Angelou narrates the tragic story about the extreme violence Matt Brown's mother was subject to in her marriage, which has led to Brown dedicating his life to sharing that story in the hopes that it will bring about a serious shift in masculine culture and how they treat women.

The video also sees Angelou prepare a "She Is Not Your Rehab" t-shirt to send to Dwayne Johnson, so that Johnson can wear it and raise awareness around domestic violence, given his status among men.

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