Rick Ross Is Getting Clowned Online For Wearing head to toe Fake Louis Vuitton

Headlines 08/10/2020

Rappers have long dabbled inthe fake jewelry or designer clothinggame throughout hip-hop history, but rarely do we see them get called out in grave detail.Rick Rossis the latest rapper to be put on blast for this fashion offense.

It all began when several fashion Instagram pages uploaded a picture of Rick Ross at the airport carrying Louis Vuitton luggage, and called the rapper out for wearing fake Louis Vuitton.

The pages did a side by side of Rick Ross bags, and the real versions of them, and circled the differences in the products which included detailing and colours.

While Ricks items are definitely different to the real Louis Vuitton products on the designers website, some of the comments suggested that his products could be custom made, which could explain why they look different.

This is not the first time Rick Ross has come under fire for wearing fakes, as in 2009 50 Cent accused Rick of wearing cubic-zirconias instead of diamonds.

In the same year, Rick Ross wore counterfeit Louis Vuitton shades on the cover ofXXLMagazine.

The two duffle bags Ross is holding typically runs between $1,900 and $3,000. The backpack is priced at $3,450 on the officialLouis Vuitton website. However, the bag is currently sold out online. There are no reports on how much the 44-year-old rapper paid for his items.